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February 2, 2019

Top selling items on eBay – Easy Earning

These are top selling items on eBay in different categories, that are really good to sell online.

All of these items are items that my friends have sold on eBay this year.

Easy Earning

Hey! What is going on guys? It’s finally cold enough in Florida for me to actually wear a jacket and its like 22 degrees outside – insanely cold for Florida.

So, in 2019, these are items that are actually sold on their eBay account. Hopefully, this guide really helps a lot of you out. Maybe you’ll learn something about an item that you weren’t aware of.

I really hope it helps you guys out and if it does please be sure to comment and share it on your social media. So that your social circle can also benefit from such information. What I have learned; I love to give back and teach people what I know.

So, let’s talk about the first item.

This is a category, that we love to get items in the category is:

Printer ink or toner

Even if it’s expired, you can still sell it on eBay. But, you can’t sell it on Amazon but on eBay you can still sell it. Moreover, a lot of the times you will find good printer ink – sealed in the packages at garage sales or thrift stores for cheapest prices. Thus, we’re able to get really good money for it online. The example here is HP ink cartridge

They (my friends) sold it for $43 I believe. They picked it up at a garage sale for like a buck.

The next item and category I want to talk about is:


Specifically ‘Texas Instruments calculators’, they sell almost immediately for us on eBay and again you can find them all over the place. So, we sold it for I think $99.

One of the cool things about getting calculators is that we don’t mind paying more money for them. Because we know that they’re going to sell so fast. So, at a hundred dollar sale we’ll pay up to 50 to 60 bucks sometimes for these calculators. But, we’re still making profit and they sell so quickly. So, you get in your investment back fast.

The next category that we love is:


This is an example of a pair of Bali shoes; that we bought for a dollar and sold for 75 dollars I believe and shoes are great guys new or used. We sell a lot of shoes throughout the year. They’re one of those categories that once you get your knowledge up in them you can really find some good deals on shoes and make a lot of money with them.

So, I would say it’s a great place for like new resellers to start is by learning the types of shoes that are out there and then start looking for them. Furthermore, learn the condition of shoes, because they need to be in good condition to command high prices. Shoes are a great category.

Here’s another category that’s really good that not a lot of people focus on is:

Sporting Goods

This is an example of a baseball mitt or baseball glove – which we sold. We picked this one up at an estate sale for $1 and sold it for $35 – A really good margin and pretty easy to ship as well.

So, we sell a lot of baseball gloves, baseball bats and other sporting equipment. Even, stuff like snowboards, skis and big sporting equipment is okay to sell – as long as you’re getting it for the right price and you’re able to get top dollar for it. However, shipping is kind of expensive on that kind of stuff.


Sunglasses are another category, that’s been great for us. Couple of things with sunglasses that you want to make sure – the lenses aren’t too scratched up. But, you can clean them off and get them back to original condition. Just make sure they’re in decent shape.

More importantly,  make sure that you’re buying authentic sunglasses and even if you like if you take a gamble on buying a pair of sunglasses that you’re not sure are authentic you can go on YouTube or Google and look for examples of real ones and compare them to the ones you have.

Careful about antique items

Obviously, if they’re not off antique, then don’t sell them. Don’t try to sell them on eBay, because you will get in trouble for doing that. But, if they are authentic – you can get some really decent money for sunglasses. The other cool thing about sunglasses is that – most of the time, they’re cheap to ship. So, you can ship them first-class, a couple bucks to five dollars to ship them out.

Another category that’s cheap to ship the items and they sell very fast is:

Vintage video games

Stuff like Super Mario 64 cartridge. Just the cartridge – we got for $1 and it sold for $35. So, a lot of the times you don’t even need like the books and the cases and everything that goes with it. You just want to make sure that if you can test the games – Test them out and make sure that they are working.

Older video games sell really very well for us – especially stuff like n64 Super Nintendo and old PlayStation games. You can look them up fairly easily as well on eBay. Just look for sold items of that exact same game and see how much they’re selling.

Men’s bathing suits / board shorts swim trunks

They sell very well for us. Obviously, they sell better in the summer months.

Tommy Hilfiger board shorts – do you want to look for the big flags on them or bright colors crazy patterns?

Well! Those ones sell for more money. So, the vintage ones get more money for us as well. Like a pair we bought for 2 dollars and 50 cents at a thrift store and they sold for thirty bucks fairly quickly for us. The condition is a big thing with these as well.

Make sure that there’s no rips or tears or stains with them and should be good to go on. So, swim suits are a great item to sell on eBay.

Here’s another category that’s really good for us to sell on eBay:

Security systems / security cameras

Every time we buy stuff like this it sells very quickly for us on eBay. Again, it’s another category that we don’t mind paying up for. Do you want to pay the hundred dollars and get your money back fast? You can put it into more products that are selling fast. But, yes! Surveillance systems is very good category to sell on eBay.

Here’s another category that’s been great for us on eBay and on Amazon. We usually get more money for these types of items on Amazon, but they sell well on eBay too. The category is:

VCRs or VCR DVD Recorders

These are the ones that usually worth more money – but a lot of times people don’t realize the value of VCRs and you can get them for like five or ten dollars and sell them for a lot of money.
An item we bought at a garage sale for $10 and we sold it for almost a 100 and 50 dollars – which is crazy! But again, people don’t really know that VCRs are worth money right now. So, if you can find them, if you can get a good source for finding VCRs, it can turn into really decent profit for you.

Car Radios

We can find a lot of garage sales and thrift stores car radios – especially stock car radios is a great category to get into. Usually, we find them for like five or ten dollars and we get anywhere between 50 to 200 dollars. Sometimes, it depends on the brand for all the stock radios like Mercedes or Audi. Those are great brands if you can find those radios. But, even like the Fords, Mazda and Honda – You’ll still get like 50 to 60 bucks for them.

Buyers Concern:

A lot of people ask us, either we test the car radios or not after we make a purchase and the answer is NO! We don’t really have a way to test them out! But, we sell them with a Money-Back Guarantee and I would say maybe one out of twenty will end up coming back to us and then we just refund the buyer and say sorry. Most of the time they’re working! Usually, when people replace their stock car radio, they’re replacing it not because it’s not working: they just want like a better one. So, the stock ones are usually still working and we found that they sell for great money on eBay.

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