Baby Hooded Towel

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Premium Quality Baby Hooded Towel –  The super-soft, fluffy bamboo hooded baby bath towel is highly absorbent and is fast drying. It is the most practical, safe, durable and comfortable tool to help in baby’s bath time. Is there anything cuter than a new little bundle wrapped snuggly in a fluffy baby towel?

100% Anti-Bacterial & Hypoallergenic – Babies/toddlers need a gentle rub with an ultra-soft cloth baby towel that won’t feel too harsh on their skin. It is safer, natural, healthy organic fabric like bamboo is resistant to odors and completely free of chemicals. It feels very gentle on sensitive baby skin or newborns, infants, and toddlers with allergies

Super Comfortable & Cozy Hood –  The super warm and handy hood is essential for younger babies to dry their hair and warm the head as quickly as possible. Its generous size 35.5”X35.5” allows safe keeping of your baby upright conveniently with an apron-style baby towel during shower and without getting wet.

Making Life Easy For Nervous New Parents – The hooded baby towel is a great maternity gift. These hooded towels for toddlers and small babies make the best gift for expectant mothers and newborn children alike.

Perfect Shape & Size For Babies – Perfect for little ones straight out of the bathtub. The perfect toddler bath towel with animal bear ears; these soft towels are perfectly sized for an infant, newborn, baby, toddler, or older children


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