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January 7, 2019

Fashion Trends 2019 | This Season’s Latest styles

Fashion Trends 2019 – “Follow the Fashion” – is the Narrative in twenty-19”

Winter Is Here!

Today, I will be showing you some awesome fashion trends 2019. And, that have definitely been making some noise and that will definitely be rolling over in this year. So, I will also be showing you some key pieces that will be showing up in 2019 so that you can be ahead of the game.

1. Leopard-print cardigan

It has got mad style and you can dress it up in a lot of different ways. It’s so versatile and you can either go street with it or go from more classic looks.

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The Way-back of Animal Prints

Now, animal prints are definitely making their way back into the fashion world – especially Leopard. To be honest, I don’t know how much people could rock this style. However, if you find a piece that you really like, that has some leopard print on it – you’re in luck. Nevertheless, leopard prints are definitely making their mark and they’ll be becoming a huge fashion trends 2019.

2. 90’s inspired Puma sneakers

I just went ahead and picked up these PUMA Suede Classic Sneaker and you know not really my typical style. However, since they’ve been making such a huge impact this last year, I definitely had to get them.

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Honestly, this 90’s style isn’t really going anywhere for a little while. This will catch up with fashion trends 2019. So, you might want to jump on the bandwagon and grab a few pieces.

3. Solid Color Women Blazer

As far as color fashion trends 2019; this one is looking pretty hot at the moment and that’s definitely a direction, that we see fashion going in. A really nice classic outfit for pretty inexpensive at Amazon is amazing.

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This Woman Blazer has a classic look with a modern color pop. So, I encourage you guys to definitely be on the lookout for colored pieces this year.

4. Military/Windbreaker Jacket

Now, military vests are becoming a really awesome key piece that every man should own and have in their wardrobe – especially for those you know special occasions. Nevertheless, this specific military vest is an awesome brand in fashion trends 2019.

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It shows masculine and powerful and honestly a very unique piece that you’re not going to see around much. This piece really is perfect in every way i.e. comfortableness is on point and it adds so much style to any outfit. Now, the winter is here – So, it’s the perfect time to wear it.

5. Basketball shorts by Champion

This trend is currently taken off. Now, I’m really shocked about this, this is a style that people have always liked – whether it was in or not. So, As you see here; the brand new special edition shorts from Champion – which is leading the fashion trends 2019 in this category.

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All time best quality, awesome fits and mad style in my opinion. Although, these are the best basketball shorts I’ve ever seen. So, for those of you who want to cop these – be sure to jump on it ASAP. And, it’s the latest of fashion trends 2019. I think they just came out yesterday and they’re special editions. So, they’re going to be going quick. You guys better jump on them!!

6. Women Flannel

Definitely, flannel will always be a dope piece to rock. Honestly, it’s safe to say that it’s pretty timeless – especially more now than ever.

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In my opinion; for street wear – rocking over-sized look is super dope and it definitely takes a basic outfit up a notch. And, this is honestly one of the peoples’ favorite pieces.

7. Waist Bag for Man & Women

This is a trend that has made its way from overseas to the US and a lot of athletes are really rocking these as well. Likewise, I know for me I’ve been rocking this waist-bag for about four months. And, it’s a little messed up and tattered.

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Generally, now males have understood why women love purses so far. And, it’s getting over the fashion trends 2019.

8. Windproof Rain Jacket

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You can never go wrong with a windbreaker. They’ve pretty much always been in style and they’re great. Nevertheless, it works and looks just like a windbreaker. So, I’ve been really feeling this one lately not just because of the dope look but the detailing within it. It’s just high-quality – simple as that.

9. 3D Design prints Hooded

Guys, it’s either go loud or go home. So, I guess these days are right for street wear. And, grab a couple of bright colored pieces for great addition to your wardrobe. And, simple stuff like this hooded – there’s honestly so many cool ways you can layer it. This came in fall-2018. But, it will stay put in winter fashion trends 2019.

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Stylistic layering

Doing simple stuff like tying your hoodie around your waist or rocking it over your shoulders. But, it’s a simple style statement. And, this is actually something I’ve been doing a lot this last year. This is becoming a fashion statement. So, I guess it just works out for me

10. Men’s Active Basic Jogger Fleece Pants

Honestly, I’ve never thought that it would be rocking stuff.

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However, a fashion trend 2019 is the year for this and I couldn’t be any more stoked – because, it’s definitely a really pure look.So, if you rock, you’re right alright.

Thank You for Reading this Article

I appreciate you guys so very much for taking out time from your busy routine and read something valuable for your styling. Be sure to let me know in the comments below what was your favorite piece.

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