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January 27, 2019

Echo vs Echo Dot – Best Features and Drawbacks

Echo vs Echo Dot – Overview & Comparison


When we heard that Amazon was introducing a second generation echo plus device – we were intrigued we thought for sure that they would include more bells and whistles to help us connect our smart home devices. Instead, what we got in the second generation speaker is a whole lot of bass and not so much more in terms of what we can do with it in the smart home. Let’s take a look at both the first generation and the second generation echo plus devices and we’ll talk about it. The first thing you’ll notice about these two devices is:


The first generation obviously took the Pringles cans style in terms of its height. It’s also finished in plastic and metal. Comparatively, the second generation is, of course, shorter and squatter.

Moreover, the fabric cover that comes in charcoal heather gray or sandstone. Furthermore, across the top you’ll see that there’s a difference as well in the buttons.

The first generation features the mic on/off button and the action, while the newer version has the plus/minus buttons – that’s for volume up/down. They want to use the wakeboard, Call “Alexa” and they both light up. However, first-generation has the volume ring attached to it and second-generation does not.

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Compatibility of Echo Plus

The echo plus is also a smart hub – and what does that mean exactly? Well, this particular device features Zigbee compatibility – meaning that, even if you have a smart home device or a plug; it doesn’t require Alexa integration. You can still connect to it via the hub.

Though, the problem is that, it doesn’t feature z-wave compatibility as well. So, it just means that some of your devices may not be compatible and it can’t really serve as a smart home hub and in the truest sense.

Temperature Sensor

But, one thing it also does have, that the first generation doesn’t have; is a temperature sensor. So, essentially you can ask Alexa what the temperature is inside or you can go to the Alexa app and it’ll show you there. In this case, it says its sixty eight point nine degrees in England.

Sound Comparison

One thing that Amazon did do with the second-gen echo plus speaker is; make it bigger, fuller, and richer in terms of sound. It has a 3-inch woofer and 0.7-inch tweeter – which means that, it is now the best sounding echo device in the Amazon echo fleet.


In order just to make sure, you can listen songs on Youtube videos. Play a song with the first one first and then the second one; Just to have an idea what we’re talking about – Play endless Road by Tommy Guerrero on Alexa  and hear the same song on both generation of echo.

As we checked and analyzed, we put each device at volume 4.

The second-gen device is obviously louder and you can hear it yourself. It has a more room-filling sound with more bass and a lot less tiny treble.

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Even if you’re not happy with the sound on this device – You can still connect it to just about any other of your favorite speakers.

You can also connect it to the new echo subwoofer – if you really want to get the party started.


The echo plus cost a hundred and fifty dollars. The downside is, if you’re looking for a true smart home hub; this probably isn’t going to do it for you.

The upside is that it’s a fantastic sounding speaker and as I noted before is the best sounding echo speaker. You can buy this device, pair it with a second echo plus and the echo sub and get yourself a really great sound system. It’s hard to recommend buying it on its own, but if you wanted to incorporate it as part of a bigger system to boost the sound in your home – This is the way to go.

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