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January 28, 2019

Best movies on Amazon Prime

I’m going to tell you about some of the absolute best movies on Amazon Prime you can currently watch.

I’ve got things from so many different genres it’d be impossible to put them in a cohesive order. So, I’m just going to rapid-fire these as best as possible.

Event horizon

Event horizon
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This is one of the best space horror sorts of sub-genre movies you can watch. Obviously alien is probably like the Godfather of that genre – but event horizon is a great one that a lot of people saw.

It’s a very good cult following but also because it’s sort of a cult movie. There are a lot of people that have still missed. It has incredible visuals – having very dark subject matter.
Hence, if that sounds like you and you’re in the mood for something that’s going to probably scare you – this would be a very good place to start.

13 hours

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It’s a really great modern warfare movie that really got overlooked a couple of years ago.

It came out right towards the end of Hillary Clinton’s run for the presidency and she was still tied to the Benghazi Massacre – which is what this movie is about.

So, it got negative reviews, whereas it is a very good modern warfare movie now. It is directed by Michael Bay and I am NOT a fan of his storytelling style – when it comes to Transformers movie stuff like that. I feel like it gets really muddy.

13 hours is one of his better efforts in terms of delivering a story. Because, this story is fairly complex, you have to get a lot of information in order to understand what’s happening, what’s not happening, and what should be happening. And, this story lays it out really well.

Therefore, I thought it was really well executed was executed and in a very respectful manner – towards the people who died during this event.

So, if you missed it because of those reasons I mentioned – well it’s worth going back and checking out.

Green Room

green room
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It’s really one of the better movies currently on prime very recently. A lot of guys talked about – how much they loved this movie.

So, I’m going to mention it – just to make sure everybody gets a chance to watch it.

It was one of the better movies to have come out in 2016.

It’s a really great little thriller about “a punk band” – who performs at essentially a Nazi bar, out in the woods “a Neo-Nazi bar”. The band they end up seeing something they shouldn’t see. Therefore, are not allowed to leave. Then, they have to figure out how to get out. It’s a very interesting story. It plays out in ways you are not going to expect. It’s very visceral at times, Patrick Stewart’s great performance as the lead bad guy, really good stuff. If you like sort of gritty thriller – it is 100% a must watch.

10 Cloverfield Lane

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It is also on Amazon Prime. It’s a very good Sci-Fi movie. The thing I liked about this one is like you are watching – almost as two movies at once.

I was really surprised by things at every turn. Cool performance from John Goodman, I’m always a fan of him. You never really know kind of where he’s coming from. This movie keeps your interest the entire time. Things go in a direction – that you’re really not going to see coming and for all of those reasons, it’s a must watch.

It is claustrophobic. You spend the entire movie in a bomb shelter but man does it play out really well.

Very good stuff! I’m excited to see what else they did with the Cloverfield series.

I did not love the Netflix movie as much. But, mainly I liked this one so much. So, I want to see the continuation of this story. I want to see what happens beyond. This is still a really solid flick.

The Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz
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Yes, the original Wizard of Oz is currently available on Amazon Prime.

It had been years since I saw this movie. I watched it recently with my son he enjoyed it from beginning to end. So, it’s appropriate for young audiences. Adults should enjoy it not just for a nostalgia reasons, either it has so many layers to it – when you really put yourself in.

It is incredible what they were able to accomplish then and it’s not even really my cup of tea. But, it’s still just worth taking advantage of it being available.

So, just go back and revisit this movie if you like this type of content.

The infiltrator

The infiltrator
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By Bryan Cranston

It’s a really good little crime movie about somebody who was an undercover agent –infiltrating Pablo Escobar’s organization.

Obviously, its period takes place in the 70s and 80s. Though, it was a smaller movie but it did get a theatrical release but not everywhere. So, I know a lot of people missed it.

It’s a very good crime movie. If that’s your type of thing – I highly recommend it. Bryan Cranston always gives a great performance. It is a very interesting story that plays out very well.

It feels almost like something that came out in the 80s. So, for that, there are a lot of good reasons to watch this one. But, I think, a lot of people missed it.

Again, prime does not do a good job of organizing their content and letting the cream rise to the top. This one’s probably buried in there. But, if you can dig it up, you can definitely check it out.

What we do in the shadows

What we do in the shadows
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One of the funniest mockumentaries I’ve seen in century. It is as good as Spinal tap, probably not, but I dare to say it is damn close.

It’s about three vampires in New Zealand. A documentary crew follows him around and it is hilarious. The director of this movie also stars in it. The writer director of this recently did “Thor Ragnarok”.

If you like kind of a funny vibe that they had – you’re gonna love this. Jermaine Clement from the Flight of the Conchords is in it. There are so many funny gags and jokes.

Escape from New York

Escape from New York
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It is my personal favorite John Carpenter’s movie now. I like most of his movies, I love Halloween, I love his horror stuff, I love they live but escape from New York – is my favorite.

It’s got the coolest vibe. Snake Plissken is one of the coolest characters. It’s a great story – if you never saw Escape from New York.

You have to watch this movie especially. Do you know that the 80s throwback stuff is so trendy now. Therefore, this movie is a major source for a lot of like 80s throwback stuff. However, the music, the clothes, those tight blue grey Camouflage pants that he’s wearing the whole time, the display screens are like neon and everything at its best. It’s such a gem of the 80s.

Clear and present danger

Clear and present danger
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It has always been my favorite Jack Ryan’s movies. I love the character but especially – When Harrison Ford plays it. I think it’s just perfect. I am looking forward to the new series on prime – which is why these movies are available on prime right now probably.

Clear and present danger is very long and has so many interesting things to it.

The Navy SEAL team that goes out to do the missile strike. He’s got some interoffice stuff – that’s still really interesting and then there’s action towards the tail end. Like where they are and what they’re doing. It all plays together really well and it all makes sense which is unbelievable.

It’s really cool that like there could be a scene where all these white Suburban are just getting blown to bits with RPGs.

Then, in the same movie, not separated by maybe more than 30 minutes – there’s a scene where Jack Ryan is like racing to get a document printed out before it can be erased from his computer. That scene is just as interesting as the bombs going off and everything.

So, I really loved this one. If you never saw it – definitely check it out in preparation for the Jack Ryan series that’s coming to Amazon.

Shutter Island

shutter island
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Martin Scorsese’s movies are coming out on streaming services every month. There are a couple of them. Right now, shutter island’ just dropped on prime really cool insane asylum type movie.

If you haven’t seen it then I highly recommend it. But, if you have seen it and you only see it once – remind yourself of what the twist is at the end. You might need a refresher I’m not going to spoil it here. Go back and re-watch it.

There are so many subtleties to the performances throughout the entire movie from everyone from the guards that greet DiCaprio’s character – when he arrives on the island, to the people he interviews, to I mean all throughout, you’re going to see really incredible nuances.

It’s like watching two different movies watching it the first and second time I watched it a bunch of times just to pick up on all these little things – which you would absolutely never notice on the first pass.

It’s really brilliant what they were able to do with this movie. I’m telling you watch it a second time within a week or so.

you’re really going to be surprised at what I’m talking about.

However, this is not a feel-good movie. So, make sure you’re in the right mood to be watching this one. But, I will keep posting things like this as long as you keep reading them.

Thanks for reading!

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